Dear men, dear women

Luctor et emergo


It was a struggle to get so far. To arise from a state of desperation in my life to this moment where I claim my purpose and still struggle to make it manifest. I am sure I haven’t arrived. Maybe I never will. It is part of life to stay in motion – envision tomorrow, embrace the moment.

But surely I can say that I have emerged. Emerged from the ashes where I was such a long time. Remembering the biblical story of Joseph in Egypt who foretold 7 years of poverty and misery. And slowly it has become clear to me where I want to go, and what I have to offer.


I very strongly wish to empower men, to bond men together as brothers:


  • To heal men when they have been hurt by their fathers, their mothers, by women or men.

  • To ignite their fire of aliveness and sexuality,
  • To support them into dropping from their heads into their bodies and heart.
  • To awaken them beyond the social conditioning that we “need to protect the women”, where often they give away themselves in the process,
  • To empower their courage to live their vision and when that vision involves a woman and family, great! Then go live that conscious, lustful, loving sparkling relationship,


and I need to confess..

I need to confess


  • That I struggle to get my message across,
  • That sometimes people put me in the “macho box” thinking I am against women,
  • That other men – who are on the same path – are on their islands too, doing this work alone, not working together while we are – I include myself here – in (unconscious) competition;


And in the meantime


  • I see women working together, granting each others’ success
  • I see women supporting each other in their pain, joy, struggle and love
  • I see women doing the work and vulnerably sharing their awakenings
  • I see women claiming the men to take their responsibility as men, as lovers, as fathers, as warriors, as kings.



  • I see men that are only in their heads – stuck into their inner dialogue that has an opinion on things, not the experience,
  • I see men that are afraid of other men, fearing competition
  • I see men that reject masculinity, projecting the shadows of masculinity also on the light parts and by doing this are alone in their service to women,
  • I see men with closed hearts, not even knowing how to express what they feel, to the extend that they even think feeling is not possible.


And from embracing my Shiva AND my Shakti, I feel my purpose to offer my experiences to men to fully live both their inner man AND their inner woman. It doesn’t have to be an either-or. It is not a gender-thing! It is your dance to celebrate both aspects of the realm. Because that is what I believe and have experienced as the dance of both the masculine and the feminine:



To become the conduit of energy and life force.

To let love be the expression of your masculinity.

And in that moment become silent as a meditation.

Meditation as pure consciousness.

Opening the moment and the mystery.



Please allow me to make mistakes, while I give to you my presence and my constant mirroring

Please allow yourself to take the step into your inner warrior

Mannelijkheid leven

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Mannelijkheid leven


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